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Original Jewelry and Art by Norma Gafford
I’m a retired hippie..... livin' the dream of being a creating artist and loving every minute of it. (Actually I’m a retired art teacher.)  Inspired by the ocean and sky, every day is an adventure on the Texas coast.

Life's a Beach so jump in and Make a Splash!

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Life is too short  to wear boring
jewelry.  Think Fun!

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         Caring for Metal Jewelry

     Store your silver, brass, copper, or bronze jewelry in a ziplock bag or polishing cloth and in a cool, dry place. 

Cleaning:  Polishing cloths are an excellent choice. Avoid toothpaste & other abrasives.  Metals develop a patina, a kind of glow combined with darkened area. If you like the look, leave it alone.  If you prefer a bright look, use a polishing cloth.

Some metals, such as copper and brass, may tarnish and leave a greenish tinge on your skin.  To retard this, Beachcomber bracelets and rings made of these metals are coated on the inside with 2 coats of neutral shoe wax.  When it wears off, just apply more.  The front side of all pieces have been polished with a cream silver polish and buffed with a polishing cloth.


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